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155 Yigal Alon ST.

Tel-Aviv 67443


Phone:  972-3-695-7403

FAX:     972-3-695-7443


Genaral: amir@synergy.co.il

Sales:    sales@synergy.co.il

Support: support@synergy.co.il

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Distribute and support COTS Technologies in the following areas:

Visual Simulations, Command-and-Control Systems, Space applications and physics based engineering tools

Integrate High-level tools for Simulation, Engineering Analysis and Training applications, towards a full solution.

Promote usage of worldwide standards.

Promote modern concepts for systems continuous development and adaptation.

It is known that using COTS is like taking a ride on a train, while creating your own code is like pulling your own carriage.


Synergy is a dynamic company that combines innovation with integration which helps it’s customers to dominate areas of expertise. By this, Synergy provides it’s customers with the edge that wins the business.

Since 1991, Synergy Integration Ltd. is the leading company in Israel to promote the assimilation of a variety of technologies. Synergy is actively promoting innovative concepts within the relevant users and all related industries, including new dimensions and modern approach to known areas. Synergy promotes the use of commercial-off-the-shelf components and encourages maximal use of standards

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Synergy Integration Inc.